Beauty Secrets by Larisa

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France Laure – products from France

France Laure cleansing milks remove make-up and other skin impurities without drying skin therefore restoring suppleness, brightness and radiance to the complexion.

Floral toners complete the cleansing process, re-stabilizing your skin’pH. The perfect primer… leaving your skin glowing and bright.

Protection Creams / day creams protect your skin against pollution, make-up and weather aggressions.

Treatment Creams/ night creams work while you are sleeping. What better time to allow ingredients to regenerate, renew, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Superficial Peeling. Gently polish away dead cells and impurities. Exfoliation is an essential step for healthy looking skin.

Concentrated Serums are an indispensable tool to maximize and prolong treatments. Effects are immediate and long-lasting.

Treatment Mask. While the mask is on, the active ingredients treat your skin while you energize your skin cells and your soul with deep relaxing breaths.

Jane Iredale

The skin care makeup.

Natural Mineral Cosmetics.

The skin care makeup is not only a refinement of normal makeup, it is a new technology. So effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologist and skin care professionals.

Dinur – Product from Israel

Active ingredients have judiciously been chosen to meet the specific and divers needs of the skin. These selection of treatment products offers skin care whichI professional, varied and exceptional quality.

GrandeLASH-MD eyelash and Eyebrow formula

Made with natural ingredients like vitamins, peptides and amino acids. Perfect eyelashes that look longer, thicker and darker.